13-14 The Broadway. Mill Road. Cambridge. CB1 3AH | t: 01223 414349 | e: ahoythere@theseatree.co.uk

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Gluten Free Options

We have fryers dedicated to cooking only gluten free items. As such, we are able to offer gluten free battered fish with no risk of cross contamination.

Meat Free Fryers

The only meat on our menu is our Cumberland sausage from Mill Road Butchers. Our sausages are grilled and never go near our fryers.


We fry exclusively in solid vegetable fat. Our fats are completely animal and palm oil free. We have a filtration system that filters microparticles from our frying oil at least once per day to ensure the quality does not diminish between oil changes. This is also kinder to the environment as we get longer life from each batch of oil we use.


We now take bookings !

Call us on 01223 414349 to book a table. Please note that there is a booking deposit of £7.50 pp required for each booking. The deposit is refundable up to 24 hours before your reservation, after which time, the deposit becomes non-refundable.

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